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    Chambaland - “The Umbrella We Share” (Rihanna vs. Chvrches)

    Don’t often reblog music but this is just the best.

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    Fong Qi Wei

    'Time is a Dimension' series, 2013

    I’ve not had enough caffeine to process these.

    These are incredible!

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  3. Lending my strength to you anytime, big boy.

    Lending my strength to you anytime, big boy.

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X-Men selfie by Kevin Maguire.


    X-Men selfie by Kevin Maguire.

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  5. brianmichaelbendis:

Self portrait by Jack Kirby.

This is so rad on so many levels


    Self portrait by Jack Kirby.

    This is so rad on so many levels

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  6. Yoshimitsu has always fascinated me.

    Yoshimitsu has always fascinated me.

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  7. stars-in-streams:


    1-Chaiten in Chile

    2-Chaiten in Chile

    3-Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland

    4-Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland

    5-Chaiten in Chile

    6-Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland

    7-Puyehue in Santiago, Chile

    8-Kilauea in Hawaii

    9-Shinmoedake in Japan

    10-Grottu in Balookathropak

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    u rang? dlskgsjd


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a quick doodle of mordin in a sweater bc why not


    a quick doodle of mordin in a sweater bc why not

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  10. The tower of figurines is growing.

    The tower of figurines is growing.

  11. Anonymous asked: Do you ever worry that you being so open about your politics may make possible conservative readers put off / less interested?


    Fair warning, this is a very long response. I tried to give your question the consideration it was due.

    I was worried about it for quite a while, honestly, and I gave it a lot of thought. I came to a number of conclusions.

    1) One of the biggest problems with the state of the US today is that reasonable people cannot disagree. We live in an era where it’s all-or-nothing politics. Even that has blame attached to it, and I have strong opinions about how it arose and who was responsible, but honestly, that’s beside the point. If I cannot speak what I feel, what I believe, what I have concluded, what concerns me, for fear of acrimony, reprisal, or professional harm, then freedom of speech does not exist. Reasonable people must be able to have differences of belief and opinion, and still find a way to respect, trust, and even like each other.

    Unreasonable people, being that, will never be satisfied until I agree with them, so worrying about that is not zero sum, it’s actually detrimental. It grants victory to intolerance.

    2) No one is required to read what I post. No one is required to follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever. No one is required to go to my website or to read Lady Sabre. I am not imposing my views; I am sharing them, and there’s an enormous difference. If people do not like what I have to say, or what I believe, and they are offended by it, then they are free to block, mute, unfollow, or otherwise ignore me. If they dislike what I post so much that they no longer wish to read my work, then they probably weren’t going to like my work anyway; art is political (whether the artist wants it to be or not), and while I do not believe I have ever written a polemic, it is not hard to discern my politics in my work. Fear of losing readers (and by extension, profit) should not frighten me into silence.

    3) In the main, when I am posting about politics, I am fairly restrained in adding my own editorializing. Most of my “political” posts are links to other articles that I think are of merit for one reason or another. The primary criteria is information. The grotesque amount of misinformation, the ascendancy of anti-science, anti-education, anti-intellectual work in the last 30 years is not just repugnant, it’s suicidal. We have reached a point where truth doesn’t matter, where facts do not matter. We have reached a point where scientific evidence is considered “an opinion.”

    And it’s destroying not just our society, but, quite literally, the planet.

    So you damn well better believe I will climb on my tiny internet soapbox and shout when I think there’s some crucial damn evidence over here that maybe people ought to, perhaps, just perhaps, consider.

    4) I’m writing a book called LAZARUS. The setting of the book is a world where capitalism ran amok to such an extent, there was no middle class left; where the few who had the most proceeded to then take everything else. It is, therefore, an inherently political setting, if not an overtly political work. I can’t put that book out every month and then pretend my own politics, my own opinions, are hidden. At best, I could try to pretend that it’s “just a story,” but I believe that would be cowardice, and it would also be a lie. It is “just a story,” but you’re damn right that I’m saying something about the worst-case scenario of where we’re heading. You saw the Oxfam report, right?

    That’s 85. In LAZARUS, it’s down to 16 or so. When I came up with the idea, that seemed incredibly far-fetched to me. It seems less and less so with each passing day.

    5) I’m a parent, I have two children who I love beyond my ability to quantify. I want for them as bright a future as possible. I want for them to live happy, fulfilling, contributing lives. I want them to be honest, and brave, and I want them to be the kind of people who, when they see suffering, when they see people in need, they move to help. I want them to speak out when it would be easier to remain silent. I could not be the father I want to be if I do not try to be that same person. I’m not saying that I am that person, but I try every day to be him.

    And finally,

    6) There are a number of writers and celebrities — wilwheaton and David Simon both come immediately to mind — whose work I respect, and who have never shied away from sharing their beliefs. While I do not measure myself amongst them in terms of popularity, fame, success, or skill (I’m certain that my name will never be a unit of measure, for instance), I am part of the same creative community, even if I’m in a far and darkened corner of it. One can argue that both men mentioned can freely speak their minds because if they lose a thousand followers or viewers or readers it’s only a drop from a very big bucket. But doing it because it won’t have blowback is no better than not doing it because it will, and in any case, the fact that they, who have much more to lose potentially, speak without fear? How can I do any less?

  12. unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream:

    The Earth’s Seasonal “Heartbeat” From Outer Space

     John Nelson is known for building extremely complex visualizations of weather patterns. But his latest creation is a simple animated GIF of 15 frames from NASA’s cloudless satellite photography collection. It’s essentially a year in the life of Earth.

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